Why buy a dummy camera?

Why buy a dummy camera?

They work! A dummy camera can deter just as effectively as the real thing - and at fraction of the cost. At the Dummy Camera Company we've got everything you need!



What are the advantages?

The most obvious reason to choose a dummy security camera
over a fully functioning CCTV solution is the price!
The Dummy Camera Company offers a selection of
deterrents that are almost impossible to distinguish
from the real thing at a fraction of the cost.


Will I find what I need here?

We've a huge range of dummy cameras and deterents for the
home and work place to choose from. Think about where you
plan to install the camera. Will it be inside? Are the ceilings high
or low? If they are low you may want to choose one of our
Dummy Dome Cameras. They’re easy to install and look
just the part. Some of our motorised cameras can even
appear to sweep the room! If the camera will be outside
then the chances are you will need one of our larger, weather
proof models.                                                                                                            

Can I still use dummy cameras if I already have CCTV?

Absolutely! A few additional dummy cameras can only add to your existing CCTV's effectiveness. Your ‘real’ surveillance together with a selection of high visibility ‘dummy cameras’ positioned around the store or office will dramatically increase your overall security.


Do they really deter?

Yes. A home or business that appears to be under surveillance will always be more secure.


Are there any other deterrents I can buy?

As well as our range of Dummy CCTV cameras, we also supply additional items like high visability warning signs and popular alarmed padlocks. Just choose what you need and we guarantee to dispatch your order within 24hrs!